Harmony through Food

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Jan 24-28


Ma Po Tofu served with white rice– this dish is the perfect aromatic and warming combination of the finest pork quality minced marinated in Sichuan spices, savoury red miso, grilled bell peppers and fresh tofu on a bed of white rice £7.00

Salmon Teriyaki served with seasonal vegetables and purple rice (v) – a fillet of salmon marinated in our tried & tested teriyaki sauce, grilled and served with a colourful combination of black, red and white rices! £7.00


Kimchi pancake (v) – a delicious way to eat the famous Korean kimchi or spicy pickled cabbage.. Hot and slightly crispy, if you like kimchi, this dish is a perfect addition to your lunch box! £2.50

Steamed pork bun –  homemade steamed bun filled with sautee of organic minced pork, spring onion, carrot, red onion and courgette.. Our version of the famous and satisfying Chinese Char Sui Bao dim sum..  £2.50

Miso soup (v) the real deal, made fresh with our unique dashi broth and miso paste, served with spring onions and wakame seaweed £1.50

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