Harmony through Food

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Jan 17-21


Chicken and vegetables in wasabi sauce served with white rice– casserole of delicious organic chunk of chicken, mushrooms and spinach cooked in dashi, mirin, soya sauce.. and wasabi! £7.00

Saba Mackerel in sanbaizu with broccoli and shiso rice (v) – delicious fillet of mackerel marinated in a fresh vinaigrette of rice vinegar, sugar and soya sauce, accompanied by sea greens, daikon radish, shiso leaves and broccoli. The perfect dish for this in-season fish! £7.00


Kimchi pancake (v) – a delicious way to eat the famous Korean kimchi or spicy pickled cabbage.. Hot and slightly crispy, if you like kimchi, this dish is a perfect addition to your lunch box! £2.50

Seaweed salad (v) – a fresh, crunchy wakame seaweed salad served with a sesame dressing. Healthy and light, perfect to recover from our recent Christmas excesses! £2.50

Miso soup (v) the real deal, made fresh with our unique dashi broth and miso paste, served with spring onions and wakame seaweed £1.50

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