Harmony through Food

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Jan 2-4


Karei raisu – tender-stewed curried chicken served with white rice. Flavoured with Japanese curry powder and much milder than the Indian version, this chicken curry with its tender and sinewy meat is the perfect dish for a cold wintery day!  £7.00

Yu-an zuke salmon with seasonal greens and ginger rice (v) – this yuzu citrus-and-soy-glazed salmon dish is a fresher and slightly tangier take on the teriyaki way of cooking. The refreshingly acerbic quality and the sweet floral tones of the yuzu balances out perfectly the oiliness of the salmon.   £7.00


Kinpira (v) – slivers of carrot and hijiki seaweed stir-fried in a mixture of sesame oil, sake, and soy sauce. Salty, spicy and crunchy – delicious hot or cold! £2.50

Nasu dengaku (v) – grilled Japanese eggplants which are then broiled with a sweet miso sauce on top. A long-time favourite with Westerners.. If you haven’t tried, go for it and if you have, treat yourself! £2.50

Miso soup (v) the real deal, made fresh with our unique dashi broth and miso paste, served with spring onions and wakame seaweed £1.50

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