Harmony through Food

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November 22 – 26


Chikuzen ni served with white rice– soy-stewed chunks of organic chicken simmered with shiitake mushrooms, konnyaku, lotus root, carrot and green peas. The perfect comforting yet healthy dish for a November day.. £7.00

Salmon Misozuke served with seasonal greens and shiso rice (v) – a classic sweet & salty, intensely flavoured miso-marinated salmon using white and red miso. Served with an exceptionally delicious and fresh rice with finely chopped shiso leaves. £7.00


Simmered kabocha (v) – much like pumpkin, kabocha has a much denser, sweeter flavour. Cooked in mirin, sake, dashi stock and soya sauce, it’s our Japanese tribute to the Halloween squash!  £2.50

Nasu dengaku (v) – grilled Japanese eggplants which are then broiled with a sweet miso sauce on top. A long-time favourite with Westerners.. If you haven’t tried, go for it and if you have, treat yourself! £2.50

Miso soup (v) the real deal, made fresh with our unique dashi broth and miso paste, served with spring onions and wakame seaweed £1.50

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