Harmony through Food

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November 1 – 5


Niku Jaga served with white rice– every Japanese household have their own recipe of this dish. We like to make it with thinly slices of organic beef, chunks of potatoes, carrots, peas and onions, all simmered in dashi stock, mirin, sake and soya sauce. Simple, homely, filling, this will invoke strong feeling of nostalgia of mothers’ cooking!  £7.00

Saba Mackerel in sanbaizu with broccoli and shiso rice (v) – delicious fillet of mackerel marinated in a fresh vinaigrette of rice vinegar, sugar and soya sauce, accompanied by sea greens, daikon radish, shiso leaves and broccoli. The perfect dish for this in-season fish! £7.00


Simmered Kabocha (v) – much like pumpkin, kabocha has a much denser, sweeter flavour. Cooked in mirin, sake, dashi stock and soya sauce, it’s our Japanese tribute to the Halloween squash!  £2.50

Squid & Vegetable Ohitashi – strips of fresh crunchy squid, carrots, daikon radish and green beans cooked in dashi stock and soya sauce. A simple, yet tasty dish full of umami contained in both the dashi and the squid!  £2.50

Miso soup (v) the real deal, made fresh with our unique dashi broth and miso paste, served with spring onions and wakame seaweed £1.50

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