Harmony through Food

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Glass of Umeshu Wine and Nori Crackers

Declination of Miso Dips, Grilled Vegetables

Spicy Red Miso, Yuzu Kosho White Miso, Sesame Miso
Broad bean, carrot, daikon radish

Autumnal Tempura Pancakes

Beetroot, carrot and sweet potato
Sansho pepper, togarashi

Harmony around Tofu

Shiso, spinach, tofu ravioli and its tofu, aubergine, sweet potato skewer on a bed of rocket leaves and a drizzle of white truffle oil

Gomoku Rice

Burdock root, shiitake mushrooms, carrot, konnyaku, lotus root, usuage tofu

Sesame Rikyu soup

Assortment of Pickles
Sweet-pickled kabu turnip, umeboshi plum

Hojicha Tea served with Roasted Soya Kinako Sweets

* Diners will be offered a glass of sake to complement the meal

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